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City Man Foundation

The City Man Foundation has been set up by City Man to realise our charitable objectives

The City Man Foundation is committed to making a change for as many people as we can, we want to give back and say thanks for the privilege of being able to live, to have choices, to have opportunities, to have access to what the world offers. We want to give back to those who haven’t had this opportunity, to those who haven’t been yet given this chance, to those who have had this opportunity but had it taken away and for those who don’t have the freedom of choices that we do.

City Man Foundation, supporting your cause


> Support Charities that make a difference to the wellbeing of individuals

> Support charities close to the hearts of our clients

> Utilise the profiles and credibility of our clients to encourage donations for these charitable organisations

> Donate a percentage of our own profits, time and efforts towards these charities

We?re raising £25,000 to help Shani win the battle against brain tumour!

A close friend and partner of City Man has asked us to help a good friend of his through this horrible battle. Please take a few minutes to read this appeal of a young mother of 3 against a brain tumour, any support is very much appreciated

Click here to find out more and to support her!

Sri Lanka Cycle Challenge

Michelle Parekh, City Man Ambassador will be taking the grueling challenge of cycling across Sri Lanka, for the City Man Foundation which is supporting Teens Unite Fighting Against Cancer, an incredible charity that helps young people fight for their lives! There work is often the difference between these young people surviving or not. For those who are unfortunate in their fight, Teens Unite improves the quality of their lives, giving them experiences they could only have dreamt of! This is why City Man Foundation is supporting this cause and Michelle is getting herself into gear for 4-6 hours of cycling across the country in October…. click here to find out more and to support her!

Support Teens Unite in Fighting Cancer

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer is dedicated to improving the lives of young people aged 13-24, with cancer and other life limiting illnesses.

Teens Unite’s main aim is to get teens together as often as possible in a fun-filled environment; giving them the chance to talk to each other and gain strength from realising that they are not alone in their battle.

The charity runs regular fun days out such as concerts, football matches, art and beauty workshops. Teens Unite provides ongoing long term support for teens whether they are undergoing treatment or in remission.

Tamil Aid – Relief of Pain & Suffering

Barely recovering from a 20 year civil war, paralyzed with politics and poverty, and then devastated by this Tsunami, the state of these people are truly heartbreaking. TamilAid does not claim any political status or interest, but is simply focused on getting aid to those caught up in a political and natural calamity. The vision of TamilAid is to rise above petty politics, mind-boggling bureaucracy and personal gain and make sure aid reaches people directly.