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Welcome to our one offs and exclusives. Here we feature items that are bespoke and tailor made or we have access to a limited number only.

Please register your interest and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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Hair loss Consultation

Free consultation
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Laser Hair Loss Therapy in Clinic

If you suffer from hair loss or notice it is getting thinner, now there is a painless, non surgical, medically approved and effective way of re-growing your own hair
Landmarks Laser therapy is painless and a clinically proven method of restoring hair

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Full styling

Fully assessed current Wardrobe
Outfits created from what you already own

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Bespoke Suit or tailoring

Either Tailor an existing favorite suit
Prices from £80
Hand made bespoke suit suiting different budgets and requirements
Designed to match your lifestyle
Prices from £450

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