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Cycling across Sri Lanka

Michelle Parekh, City Man Ambassador will be taking the grueling challenge of Cycling across Sri Lanka for the City Man Foundation, supporting 2 incredible charities.

Firstly, one that helps young people fight for their lives, Teens Unite Fighting Against Cancer. Their work is often the difference of these young people surviving or not. For those who are unfortunate in their fight, Teens Unite improves the quality of their lives, giving them and their families’ experiences they could only have dreamt of!

Secondly, donations will go towards a charity with an aim of relieving poverty and distress in Sir Lanka affected by the war and the tsunami, Tamil Aid. Along the way, there will be stopovers in remote villages, schools, and various poorer areas, so part of your donations will go towards buying items, toys, sporting goods for children, basic goods for the poor and other items that will be distributed to remote and poorer villages along the way with the support of Tamil Aid


City Man will cover all expenses of the trip, so all donations will go directly to these charities whom we work very closely with.

She will be filming the experience so you can actually see her working her butt off, dripping with blood, sweat, and tears. We need to make sure she really worked hard for your donated money! Please donate here now and support Michelle, in supporting these great causes

Please donate here now and support Michelle, in supporting these great causes!



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The City Man Foundation is committed to making a change for as many people as we can, we want to give back and say thanks for the privilege of being able to live, to have choices, to have opportunities, to have access to what the world offers. We want to give back to those who haven’t had this opportunity, to those who haven’t been yet given this chance, to those who have had this opportunity but had it taken away and for those who don’t have the freedom of choices that we do.

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