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City Man Health and Cosmetics

Many successful men are paying a high price in terms of their personal well-being and health as they cope with being embroiled in the manic pace, stress and tension of City life. Often it is their family and their recreational pursuits that suffer, but most of all it is the busy man himself who often has no time for himself.

City Man, a dedicated, discreet and personalised service offering specialist advice service for men, specifically for Medical Aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, hair loss, health, wellbeing, men’s MOTs, testosterone testing, same day GP & Pharmacy services and Nutrition

We do the testing and sourcing and you can rest assured that you are receiving good recommendations and a little extra, for all services that concern you; Our service extends beyond health now to

Health – Lifestyle – Holidays – Travel – Corporate – Finance – Legal – Entertainment – Shopping – Grooming – What’s new – Events – Sporting Tickets – Investment Opportunities etc.

A taste of just some of the things we do

Health MOT

A full physical examination looking at your hormones, organs, your blood, nutrition & energy levels, BMI, cellular levels, lungs, heart health, abdomen health, diseases & potential future health risks (diabetes, thyroid etc), biochemistry, cholesterol & blood pressure

Hair check and maintenance

Hair loss early stages right through to baldness – scalp and hair health check – working with you and your lifestyle to get back your hair – our partners have done over 10k jobs in successfully getting back hair – find out more

Non-surgical fat loss treatments and maintenance

Nutrition and lifestyle consultation to improve energy levels, health and nutrition balance

Facial Aesthetics

Anti-aging & skin condition recommendations

Cosmetic Surgery Recommendations

Same day doctor services and GP services for private referrals

Personal styling

Personal styling, grooming and Personal shopping with our experienced team of male stylists

Discounted services at some of our partners and suppliers specially for City Men

..and more

Additionally to this we are an active lifestyle concierge, providing travel/flight/jet/hotel reservations, tickets to all the big events & ‘hard to access’ events, personal shopping, private & independent financial services and services for the HNW. Click here to see more