Due to various cost cutting exercises, legal and insurance indemnities western financial institutions have become very less customer focussed unless you are super rich. They are not personable anymore. The traditional bank manager who knows your business no longer exists. In a nutshell businesses and entreprenuers don’t have traditional friendly, honest sincere financial advice anymore. City Man private Investments goes back to basics to help more innovatively in a volatile situation by you giving you true options to decide on.

We are passionate about providing specialist Finance and private investment services that will make a difference to your business. We take pleasure in supporting you and watching your growth.

We understand our clients and their needs, are different. We offer a flexible and personalised approach delivering outstanding tailored, flexible facilities and services, designed to meet your objectives

• Investment advice and business plan preparations
• Help in raising finance – Short term bridge, long term equity / debt funding for individuals and businesses.
• Foreign exchange advice and services – Efficiency in the modern global ONE market with multiple currency.
• Efficient Tax planning – Both personal (inheritance, capital gains) and business tax.
• Customised advice International tax laws
• Management consulting
• International Bank accounts opening for efficient global business
• Global Property investment advice

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